It is time to co-create the New Paradigm and this is the place to do it.
Walk With Me Now is a monthly membership platform created by Inelia Benz where together with other high-frequency co-creators we bring forward the New Paradigm. We imagine new systems, experiment with consciousness, advance our mystical skills, and launch empowered projects.
The time for the Lonewolf is over!
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Our Values

Community ~ WalkWithMeNow


The Lonewolf energy has served us well, but now it’s time to join the tribe. It is time for Lightworkers to unite and join forces in co-creating the new paradigm.
Empowerment ~ WalkWithMeNow


You have processed your fear, let go of your firewalls. It is now time to fully step into Your Power and to become Sovereign.
Leadership ~ WalkWithMeNow


Become the leader you were born to be. Lead through example, lead by inspiring others.


Strong body, mind, and spirit. Strong communication and environment. You are called upon to create all these.

How We Roll

Live Calls - Zoom - WalkWithMeNow

Live Video

Reconnect, center yourself, join Inelia and others of like mind and spirit. The monthly highlights where we share updates, get in sync, observe world events, and most of all: be joy/light/love.
Play In Second Life - WalkWithMeNow

Second Life

Using technology to our advantage we connect in Second Life too, to explore and create. This is our virtual “feeling board” where we get to experience expansion, full expression, and exploration of our true selves.
New Paradigm Group - WalkWithMeNow

New Paradigm

A model of what a high-frequency group looks like. Drama free, seamlessly moving between the “I” and “We consciousness”

What's Inside

Library Classes
Video Calls
And it will only get better with your presence and participation!

Bless your water

There are a lot of products out there that sell “activated water” or other types of water that are very special. I personally love distilled water for my own body. But, whatever type of water or liquids you are ingesting, this is an exercise that will ensure a higher frequency experience for your physical body. This exercise will heal and enhance any type of liquid that you ingest. Both regular drinks as well as “activated” or other types of special and healing liquids.

For the next week, I would like to invite you to reconnect with and raise the vibration and frequency of your body at least once a day, more if you can.

  • Put some water, tea, or any of the normal drinks you consume each day, in your favorite glass or cup. If it’s soup, it goes in a bowl :)
  • Put your hands around the container.
  • Take three deep breaths and close your eyes.
  • Become aware of your heart center.
  • See or imagine a bright and beautiful light in your heart center, becoming stronger and stronger. This is your direct connection to Source. Follow the light in your heart center until you reach our eternal Source energy. As you make direct conscious connection, imagine as your heart center is filled with Source energy. Feel the joy light love.
  • If you are not able to generate the energy, connection or feeling, simply state each part with words: I am aware of my heart center. There is a beautiful and bright light in my heart center. That light connects with Source. I tap into Source and it flows into my heart center, the light is now brighter and more beautiful every second. I am in the field of joylightlove.
  • Now imagine Source light going from your heart center to the water, tea or other liquid inside the container. Allow it to flow for as long as you like.
  • Open your eyes.
  • The water is ready to be consumed. As you drink the water (immediately or later), feel and see (or state) how Source energy infuses all the liquids in your body.

You can also activate a full bottle, jug or larger container for later use. If you buy canned or carton stock or juices, you can do them in batches!



PS: I invite you to share your experince on the forum.

The Perks

Inelia Benz Books ~ Walk With Me Now

Early Preview of Inelia’s books

On our forum, you’ll get access to early draft chapters of Inelia’s books.
Inelia Benz Workshops ~ WalkWithMeNow

Early Notice of Events and Workshops

Most of Inelia’s live workshops don’t make it to the public, because members of WalkWithMeNow fill all the available seats.
New Paradigm Projects ~ WalkWithMeNow

New Paradigm Projects

The world systems are being rebuilt. It is our chance to make sure the new ones follow the principles of Empowerment. We look at empowered education, healthcare, relationships, and workspace.
Study Groups ~ WalkWithMeNow

Study Groups for Inelia’s Classes

It is well known that study groups are powerful. It is super easy to discover your blind spots in a group and go deeper into your understanding of the material. Observing a topic from different angles generates insights you would not have on your own. And as a secondary result, you get to make friends who truly see you and understand you.

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  • Walk with me Now is the manifestation of a long held dream. A place where I can both contribute my energy, my time, my support towards the illumination and exploration of all that fascinate me, And, share space with many individuals who are in turn, also fascinating, interesting, insightful, and able. Refreshing. Enlivening. Beautiful to experience life this way. - Larry
  • Yes WWMN definitely feels like a home base and has been there in a period that my life has changed in many fundamental ways.And yes Ilie you have done an amazing good job creating this in the way it is.

    I also did check some other forums have been a member on them for a short time actually because I thought it would be little bit similar as here but it was not similar. Never felt as safe to be there in a personal way, also technically not approaching the clarity and accesible easiness to use as WWMN.

    I haven't found anything comparable when it comes to the possibility of co-creating and giving the possibility of being completely open, personal and authentic and at the same time staying equally responsible. That is also your special energy Inelia which makes that possible, you have given tools but no dogma's and you always take care not to get stuck in any rigid way of looking at things. You did manage to be an authority and give a structure and frame of reference with your tools and the concepts you have spoken about without being an authority when it comes to the content. Leaving plenty of space for everyone to live his/her own experience.And I appreciate very much that I can share ,explore and learn how to deal with more 'mystic' experiences in that specific dogma free energy field.

    I have been very engaged spending many hours on the forum and have been very distant and everything in between and WWMN has stayed a homebase in all those different states. -  Gerdi
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