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Founded in 2014 by Inelia Benz and the Ascension101 Team, Walk With Me Now is a platform designed to facilitate your empowerment and expansion of awareness.

You found this page because you are already working on yourself, actively finding empowerment tools, shifting your awareness and actively pursuing CHANGE from what society deems to be real or possible for you.  

The tools and tone of the platform are based primarily on Inelia Benz’s work. We do, however, also explore other teachers, guides, authors and experts in various fields of empowerment, ascension, philosophy, health, art, technology and spirituality to name but a few. We are not dogma based, only empowerment based. The majority of the members have decades of spiritual study and work under their belts, which means their knowledge base and experience in discerning truth and utility is enormous. Whether you are just beginning your journey, or have been working on yourself for decades, you will find wonderful amounts of life changing “aha moments”, material and insights here.

After four years of public work, Inelia came to the realization that because the human collective needed to work as a sane collective, creating locations where this could happen was now imperative. Our species can now map to a healthy model of being a collective of individuals who are mentally, spiritually and physically STRONG, independent, AWARE, powerful and SANE.

We began exploring group dynamics and saw that there indeed is a place for individuals to come together and discuss, learn and relate to each other as equals. A place where we can acknowledge each other to have individual strength that we can map to. A place where a person can be strong without backlash. Where power over others, and others riding our power, will not be indulged. A place where we can learn and support each other in our intent to embody the new paradigm in our daily lives.

That's why we created Walk With Me Now.


If you are ready and willing to embody the new paradigm in your own life, then Walk With Me Now is for you.

Join Now for $120 Per Month


A monthly investment for the betterment of your life and support of your self-work.

We have created an action packed program for the advancement of every aspect of your being: your body, your mind, your spirit and your environment. And you can use as much or as little of it as you want or need.

The expansion of awareness of the planet is inevitable. When we join with others in our intent, we give ourselves the options to inspire, give ourselves insights into our own empowerment, and an opportunity for us to map to a different tune and create new realities in our lives in a dynamic, nurturing and stimulating environment.

Not a member yet? This is what you can expect: 

Walk With Me Now

Sharing a spiritual discourse or sacred gathering with individuals of compatible frequency is how spiritual advancement is traditionally done in many cultures and religions around the world. It is how our own divinity and sovereignty can be acknowledged and strengthened. Now journeying to have this discourse can be done daily from your own living-room to the degree you choose. Sharing, reading or spending time with other high frequency individuals around the planet, day in and day out, from our own reality and lives has never been possible before. We can now do this by simply reading the material or forum posts, listening to the classes, doing the exercises or actively engaging in discourse with Inelia and other members.

What you can access when you join:

Membership: $120 per month.

Join Now for $120 Per Month


The full menu at Walk With Me Now:

1. Membership to the WalkWithMeNow.com empowerment platform.

2. On the first seven days, you will receive a comprehensive introduction on how to use the empowerment platform.

3. Access to the private Walk With Me Now forum. This forum is available for any member who wants to share or read a discourse on the topics that they find interesting.

4. Every week, you will receive an invitation to join a new self-work project, exploration or exercise.

5. Audio Classes access from Inelia Benz

  • Each class will be accompanied by a text transcript.

  • Member only Forum invitation for the class development and expansion.

6. An exclusive Monthly Live Webinar with Inelia and the Ascension101 Team. The level of engagement of the member only live webinar is much higher than public live chats as it is continued and supported by the forum, thus creating deeply engaging topic explorations.

  • The live webinar will be recorded, so you can replay/review it at any time.

  • A Chat window during the webinar to meet and connect and discuss the topic with other Walk With Me Now members live.

7. Exclusive 30% member discount on all Ascension101 Media LLC. downloadable courses, classes, books, public internet workshops and classes (published at ascension101.com).

8. Member only access to library of extensive material, exclusive eBooks and meditations. All new audio classes released at Ascension101 will be available for you at the library at no extra cost. 

The Walk With Me Now empowerment platform is designed to rocket-fuel your self-empowerment. It is designed to be a place where you can map to high vibrational and inspirational material and people, leave casual chat behind, join in virtual live events and experiments, and become empowered and inspired to engage fully in your self-work, thus fulfilling your full potential.

Monthly value to your inspiration, growth and self-work = PRICELESS.

Join Now for $120 Per Month


A personal message from Inelia:


From the moment the concept of this empowerment platform was born, enormous shifts began to manifest in my life. But the greatest shift was that of an increased zest and enthusiasm for the work I am doing here on the planet.

This platform, and the individuals who have made it possible, is the most clear, empowering, energy infused and fluid human creation I have ever had the honor to experience.  We make it so.

Recently I have had the learning opportunities to have deep and long conversations with individuals who are not ready to step into their power. Individuals who are in their late 40s and 50s. An ex soldier, a business man, a grandfather, and others. One of the things that amazed me was the radical difference between those individuals who were ready to step into a better life, and those who were strongly holding onto their scars, damage and baggage. It was like night and day. And is also a completely different reality to that found at Walk With Me Now. It was so different, that it was like being in two different planets at the same time. The main difference is that those who do want to better their lives don't give their power away to others and those individuals who were not ready to step into a better life did indeed give their power away.

Most of us walk in a world filled with individuals who are not ready to step into their power. Where most of the people we converse with and share our lives with day by day, are closed to the fact that they are eternal divine beings. This is the reality for most of us. That's one of the reasons why we created this platform, so that we could all experience the new paradigm NOW. A paradigm of intelligent, powerful, aware and high vibrational individuals around us, in our field of awareness, our field of energy and our field of co-creation.

This has been my experience at Walk With Me Now so far, and we haven't even started yet!




What others are saying:


“Walk with me Now is the manifestation of a long held dream.  A place where I can both contribute my energy, my time, my support towards the illumination and exploration of all that fascinate me, And, share space with many individuals who are in turn, also fascinating, interesting, insightful, and able.  Refreshing.  Enlivening.  Beautiful to experience life this way.” Larry


“For me WWMN platform is THE place to BE :). With so many amazing individuals at one place that are dedicated to self empowerment, raising vibration, expansion of consciousness, support, love-light-joy and making the fantasy reachable, the impossible absolutely practical and fairy tales part of real life.

This is where I feel I belong as mysticism is just the same as having a cup of tea, meditation is considered a daily routine and holding intent together is very clear to be much more than the sum of the parts...

I find my world had expanded immensely thanks to all the exercises, live calls with Inelia and continuous sharing with friends from all over the world.

THANK YOU INELIA and TEAM for this opportunity :) <3 THANK YOU dear co-creating friends for being in this together. <3 “ Elena


“If you search for water in the desert find an oasis. I you search for personal power on this planet find Walkwithmenow.com“ Julian

WWMN is a place where I feel my personal growth accelerates. My mind structures brakes to allow myself to new and more expanded realities. The weekly exercises are simply, doable and have a great impact in my daily life. I relate to amazing loving/powerful people who are working on themselves from all around the world. We get to co-create, grow together and support a space of no-judgment for our doubts, expression and even personal support. In my experience WWMN has the most advanced spiritual, mystical, reality and potentiality discussions I have ever come across so far. Thank you!” Javi


Join Now for $120 Per Month