Founded in 2014 by Inelia Benz and the Ascension101 Team, this website is a multilevel platform to launch you into empowerment. We work on our selves, find empowerment tools, and shift our awareness because we want CHANGE.  We want change to our personal lives, our perceptions and lifestyle, and we want to see a larger, global change in our species. If there is an aspect of your life that is ready for an upgrade, then this platform is for you.

A monthly investment for the betterment of your life and support of your self-work.

We have created an action packed program for the advancement of every aspect of your being: your body, your mind, your spirit and your environment.

The tools and tone of the platform are laid out by  Inelia Benz.

Inelia is now ready to walk with us on our personal empowerment work and journey. This platform and technology will continuously be developed to take full advantage of her time with us on the planet in a way that can have an optimum impact to the cracking open of the fear based matrix on a global scale through our personal growth, strength, awareness and empowerment.  This is happening already, and will continue to happen whether Inelia walks with us or not. The expansion of awareness of the planet is inevitable.  It's important to realize, and know, that her offer to walk with us is not essential or necessary, but simply an option to assist us in our own empowerment, and an opportunity for us to map to a different tune, and create new music together in a dynamic, nurturing and stimulating environment.

Not a member yet? This is what you can expect:

Walk With Me Now.

Sitting with a guru or spiritual master is how spiritual advancement is traditionally done in many cultures and religions around the world. But, can be extremely disempowering to the practitioner. Why? Because the practitioner gives his or her authority away, and becomes a passive rider of someone else's energy field or channeling. The aggressive programming to be artificially passive in our human species is one of the many areas of study you will be able to explore in this platform.

Many individuals consider Inelia Benz to be a leader, guru, teacher or guide. However, the time for the traditional spiritual leader is well over and although it is useful for us to sit with and map to alternative states of being, it is our own divinity and sovereignty that needs to be acknowledged and strengthened. 

A new model emerged

After four years, Inelia came to the realization that because the human collective needed to work as a sane collective, locations where this could happen were now imperative. Our species can now map to a healthy model of being a collective of individuals who are mentally, spiritually and physically STRONG, independent, powerful and SANE.

We began experimenting with different formats, and saw that there indeed is a place for individuals to come together and discuss and learn, relating to each other as equals. A place where we can acknowledge each other to have individual strength that we can map to. A place where a person can learn to be strong. Where power over others, and others riding power, will not be indulged.

Inelia's strengths, insights and seeings are invitations for others to look, experiment, and explore within themselves. And when her insights and seeings are taken and explored by a group of strong, empowered individuals, what we learn is much greater than any one person can impart.

That's why we created Walk With Me Now. And although the "Me" in "Walk With Me Now", you might think refers to Inelia, it actually refers to YOU.

What you get when you join:

Full Empowerment Platform: $77 per month.

Join Now for $77 Per Month

We do understand that other similar platforms on the internet are many times more expensive, and the reason we have gone for a very low monetary exchange is because we expect you to become a valuable asset to the empowerment platform as you expand your own awareness and self empowerment. Let's say we are investing in you becoming a long term, and essential, member of the family. And if at any time you feel that you would like to increase your financial contribution, you can do so using our contribution page.

Walk With Me Now Membership Benefits:

1. Membership to the empowerment platform.

2. On the first seven days, you will receive a comprehensive introduction on how to use the empowerment platform.

3. Access to the private Walk With Me Now forum.

4. Every week, you will receive an invitation to join a new self-work project, exploration or exercise.. Of course you are free to join or start any of these via the forum at any time.

5. An inclusive member's only Regular MP3 Talk from Inelia Benz (these will sell for $35 each to the public a week after publication to members)

  • MP3 download access of the month's talk.
  • Each talk will be accompanied by a PDF transcript.
  • Member only Forum invitation for that month's Talk development and expansion of the talk topic.

6. One Monthly Live Chat with Inelia and the Ascension101 Team, open to members only. (Public Live Chats are $45)

  • The level of engagement of the member only live chats is much higher than public live chats as it continued and supported by the forum, thus creating deeply engaging topic explorations.
  • The live Chat will be recorded, so you can replay it at any time.
  • Chat window to meet and connect and discuss the topic with other Walk With Me Now members live.

7. Exclusive 30% member discount  on all Ascension101 Publishing Inc. Courses and publicly released Talks, books and events (published at

8. Member only access to library of previous months material, exclusive eBooks and meditations. ($ value increases every month).

The Walk With Me Now empowerment platform is designed to rocket-launch you into self-empowerment. It is designed to be a place where you can map to high vibrational beings, leave casual chat behind, join in virtual live events and experiments, and become empowered and inspired to engage fully in your self-work and fulfill your full potential.

Monthly value to your inspiration, growth and self-work = PRICELESS.