From our DNA to the weather, our minds, in combination with our intent and emotion, can affect everything we thought was solid.

This is why it is very important to use our minds with full consciousness at all times.  The training and development of a gifted mind is imperative in our complete empowerment.

All members are encouraged, not obliged, to study and learn something new at all times. The areas encouraged to be developed cover the main areas of cognition in our minds and brains.

The areas we are exploring and training are:


Content, energy, emotion, knowing and conscious awareness of what we are thinking are key components to develop.


The full awareness of the scientific process to the development of new concepts, inventions and discoveries are highly encouraged.


Whether studying Gandhi or Hitler, Shamanism or Catholicism, the expansion into different philosophical agreements and thought lines will be followed and expanded.


An important aspect of our minds is artistic expression. Encompassing all forms of expression, the member will be encouraged to take on an expression that is not "easy".