By connecting, empowering, and nurturing our bodies, we allow ourselves to experience a world unbound by physical limitations.

Our physical bodies are at the front-lines of empowerment which means the stronger they are, the more we are able and capable of doing. The water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat are the tangible forms of physical vibration and nurturing.

This is how we empower our physical experience:


Nourishment comes from many sources. From the food and drink we ingest, to the human contact we have with others, to the sun, and our surroundings. Let's remind and educate ourselves on the best and most effective ways to nourish our bodies!


Fitness doesn't mean having a six pack, but it does mean we have a strong, powerful body.  On this platform you will be invited to engage in, and report, on your physical fitness program.


It is up to us to take charge of our health. When we are living a pain free life, with a healthy and happy body, we can "do" much more than if we have fallen into physical dissonance. Sickness is just the body's way to tell us there is something wrong.  By finding out what this is, we can then be open to start finding the right treatment and begin the road to recovery.  BUT it is so much better to never go that road in the first place.


Our sex, our body's sex, and our sexual relations are extremely important within our experience of life as a human being.  Taken to extremes of dissonance within our present society, this essential energy and beingness is ready to be reclaimed and tuned to perfect resonance.