Our Spirit is eternal, complete, and absolute. Having a strong connection to our spirit makes us unstoppable. With this in mind, we will be exploring various areas that could be put under this theme, from Mysticism (working with energy) to our own personal Soul progression.  This is one of those areas where if we allow ourselves to see from a different perspective, all sorts of changes can happen in our lives and our capacity to see and experience the world.

When a person's spirit has been broken, we seem to "know" they will probably not recover. However, the wording "broken spirit" is in partly responsible for that finality. The truth is that a spirit can never be broken, it is only our connection to our spirit that can be broken. If we look at that energy from a perspective of connection rather than finality, we can recover from a broken spirit very quickly and permanently with no scars left.


The Mystic works with energies and crosses between worlds. This is a fancy way to say that our awareness field has become expanded, and we are able to affect things without the use of our physical body.  If you are at all interested in this area, this is the right place for you. There are many individuals who are exploring things such as teleportation, remote viewing, psychic awareness and warriorship, and more. We intend to expand these subject to the limits of human capacity.


A subcategory with the same name as the main title, this area will explore that reconnection with our source energy through exercises, tools, meditation and exploration.

Soul Progression

Have you wondered where you began? Where you are going? Where you are today? In this broad topic we will go deeply into the exploration of the illusion of Soul Progression and why we have chosen to experience it.