Our environment is an integral part of who and what we are. Without an environment, we would not exist.

The first level of duality, the experience of individual consciousness, is that of "I and environment".

For a long time, we lived our lives with the knowing that our environment is simply an extension of our own selves. This fact is still very much alive within certain people's of the Earth. The knowing that our environment totally reflects what and who we are at all times.

At some point in our history, our environment was severed from our sense of self. From that moment, our environment has been seen as something external to the individual, something to be conquered, ordered and controlled.  This directly corresponds to ourselves then having been conquered, ordered and controlled by "someone else".  We did this in order to have an experience of separation from each other and to experience power over others (including environment as "other"). That experience of separation is now coming to an end, and we are now ready to graduate into a larger, more powerful and aware experience of life in the physical universe.  Part of this process is figuring out how to re-integrate all aspects of "environment" back into ourselves.


We all form part of community. As human beings, we cannot survive healthily without other human interaction - even if this is minimal.  When we have strong community (family, friends, networks, neighbors) this becomes a powerful force of nurturing and healthy empowerment energy.


Also known as Chi or Pranah, the environment is made of pure energy. Have you ever seen a person doing Tai Chi? Those movements "grab" the environmental energy into the person.  Our environment is not only an extension of ourselves, but it is a pulsating, live energy being.

Financial Structure

Our being is based on an energy exchange. We exchange energy with everything all the time.  Our present society uses a method of energy exchange based on debt and slavery. This does not mean that money is evil, it means that the way it is managed by our "rulers" is designed to keep us the energetic property of others.  Let's find alternative uses for it!


Our Earth, alive, sentient and absolute. Gaia is often projected as victim of humanity. She/he is not. That view is simply our own sense of superiority. Let's look at her with new eyes and reconnect with her as our own higher self.


Mother Sun, has been projected as a male energy by modern civilization. Before patriarchy, the Sun was Mother. Like Gaia, let's look at the Sun and what she means to us in our lives, how we can integrate her energy and power, and explore her true essence which is way beyond a lump of burning matter.

ET Relationships

We have decided to put ET relationships here in Environment because ET's Ultra- Dimensionals and Ultra-Terrestrials are very much part of our greater community.  We will see how far we can take direct communication with those species that are friendly to our race, and those who are not.