Communication is the active ingredient of our physical existence.  Everything about our existence is about communication.
Communication happens within ourselves, with our environment, with others, from the most elemental constituent of matter, quarks, to electrons, to the Earth and beyond, we are constantly communicating with each other and our environment.
At a personal level, from the moment we wake up, we communicate between ourselves, our body, our mind and our environment.  If our environment includes other people, we immediately convey information to them, and receive information from them, by our posture, tone of voice, what we wear, our actions and words (or lack of).
Our communication systems dictate what we are aware of at all times. What our mind and consciousness perceives.  Even the words we use, and their present social meanings, will have an impact in our energy field and the energy field of those around us.
By becoming strong in our communication skills and awareness, we are no longer subject to subtle, overt and covert manipulation and we can enter a state of full integrity with ourselves and others.

Communication Studies

In this area, we will be covering all the general topics regarding communication at every level of our physical existence and human experience.

Higher Self Communication

We will be exploring how to expand, interpret and safeguard our communication with our Higher Self. What Higher Self means, and how social organizations have managed to intercept our connection to this aspect of ourselves.


There are many forms of channeling, we will be exploring these and also looking at developing the skills to navigate external agendas and information received or given via channeling.