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Studying the Death and Manifestation MP3

Next awareness kit from Inelia :gift: :flower:

The past few weeks we have been looking at how edges define our reality. Death is one of the most powerful “edges” in our lives. And therefore exploring all our beliefs and programs around death will give us powerful insights, and open huge capacities, for manifesting our full potential.

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Meeting Et's in a dream

This is super!

ET contact is something that is always "up" in my personal life, and also the lives of some of my relatives.

Your process and responses within the experience were GREAT!! This is exactly what it means to be empowered and take conscious decisions of engagement, as well as being compassionate, loving, caring and nurturing to our physical body.

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Dealing with blocks and changes

(exerpt from a discussion about integrating spirtual practice into one's work/job etc)


This question, of whether to change the system from the inside, or not, is something that still needs looking for sure.

I mentioned, in one of the calls I think, that I had met with a lady who worked for Monsanto. She had entered the company to make changes from the inside. She wanted to influence her co-workers and the company by being there. One co-worker left the company due to the things she learned from this lady. When we discussed it, it became clear that what she was doing, by putting the great majority of her Chi into the workings of Monsanto, was to give them, the company, the great part of her life-force and creative energy for many years. She was "feeding" the monster from within, and any attempt to change it were already well guarded and firewalled within the company. Most of the people who realized the company was not in integrity would soon leave. And yes, as people leave, suddenly the monster dies.

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Observing Envy, need and guilt


I totally understand what happens when we get sucked into the program spins of low vibrational energy bundles.

My suggestion is, when you feel the emotional, mental or energetic charge around this situation, to give it a color. And then process the color. Every time a thought come through about it, visualize the though as a bubble of that color, and process it, e.g.: "indigo blue bubble, you are welcome here".

Once the main charge is done with (not so distracting), then spend time Observing the color. Observe it without agenda.

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Dec 7th - Dec 13th - Weekly Exercise: The Edges Around Us

Hi, here is the next awareness expansion kit ;)

Edges delineate our reality.

When we become aware of edges, we can also start working with them. For this week, I would like to invite you to start becoming aware of our environment’s edges. Here are some well known edges that we can start working on:

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Awake Documentary - Yogananda

Yoganada is a super interesting person to me. Apart from the fact that I love reading people's personal journeys, so autobiographies are always a plus, he seems to have overcome quite a few obstacles in his own journey.

There is a lot of dogma in his teachings, a giving away of authority and power to buddhas, Jesus, God and his Master Guru. Things which his disciples also inherited. However, seen from a larger, or later, perspective, we need to understand that he came along when our society was deeply embedded in POO (power over others) and the giving away of power. He seems to have given a bridge from that state to one that was more empowered. Yet, not really suitable for someone who is fully ready to remove the training wheels and step into their divinity.

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Chatting with our bodies

I have a question about talking with our bodies.

Of course in my uneducated youth I learned to talk to my body and tell her what to do. Then I did the ascension101 course and the unit for Reconnecting with the Physical Body changed my perspective and I began to understand it should be a two-way conversation. My body is not a machine. I now care for her.
Everything has been great ever since that fateful year I did that course.

But I'd like to take that body connection a step further. Or many steps further. In fact I'd love an intensive course in communicating with my body.

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Nov 30st - Dec 6th - Weekly Exercise: The Energy Body’s Edge

This week's awareness stretch :)

This week we will explore the third of our sensory body’s “edges”.

The energy body is most acutely felt when a stranger stands “too close” to us.

If we are in a large empty field, and a stranger walks towards us, there is a point of distance when it feels that they entered our space. That they got too close for comfort. That’s our energy body’s edge. If we are in a cramped train, underground transport or other public transport system that is so crowded people are touching us all around, our energy body’s edge is close to our skin (physical body’s edge), and the same stranger could be standing much closer without us feeling they had entered our space.

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Does a light being become dark after negative actions?

During our November Live Call and on the thread Healing the Emotional Body, the question of whether a light being source energy turns into dark when they carry out negative actions came up.

This is they way I have seen it play out in our world. First of all, just through actions, no matter how negative, a person of joylightlove Source energy cannot turn into dark Source energy. They have to have a huge commitment to becoming dark to the core of their being in order to make the "jump". Most humans are of joylightlove Source energy. Some are from other Sources.

Jumps between sources are possible. I have seen at least one being turn from absolute darkness to absolute light. Therefore the reverse is also, theoretically, true.

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Being fully incarnated

This is an exerpt from a forum discussion the connection between the body and the soul.

A lot of these questions are answered in this book: cosmiccradle.com/
They interviewed me for that book, but some of the answers are not quite accurate because some of our emails didn't make it to their destinations. But the core information is accurate. Overall, if you are interested in birth, incarnation and the different cultural beliefs, and people's memories of the experiences, this is a great book to read.

The authors are presently writing a second book that also asks questions about abortion and miscarriages. My answers to those questions are:

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