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Multiple timeline lives and bodies


I think this topic is super exciting to explore together.

First the question about why I would need different parallel lives (timelines) as normal people. The reason is that it is in our human experience that we have parallel multiple lives. Most people also have chronologically separate lives. If I am to exist as a human being, then parallel timelines are part of the deal. Like breathing, or sleeping, it's part of who we are as a species.

Why the need to have an ordinary life? When we incarnate, life is ordinary. The message of empowerment is needed by those who lead ordinary lives. Those who lead a monastic or religious life have their own messengers. Therefore, leading an ordinary life was necessary to both understand the complexity of ordinary human life, as well as how to break out of it (our programs and beliefs) and into our empowerment.

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Nov 23rd - Nov 29th - Weekly Exercise: Exploring more “edges”

Awareness expansion pack from Inelia :gift: :

Following up on last week’s exercise of becoming aware of “edges”, this week I would like to invite you to become aware of your emotional body’s edges. Our emotional body is one of the most powerful creation tools we possess. This exercise will help us become aware of it, and familiar with its edges.

To become familiar with your emotional body, please refer to units 13 and 14 of the Ascension101 Course.

The emotional body, in most of us, has constricted to the smallest possible size, and the edge is very “fuzzy”, not strongly delineated.

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Nov 16th - Nov 22nd - Weekly Exercise: Becoming aware of our “edges”

Here is Inelia's next awareness expansion kit :bye:

Edges are what delineate our reality. Most of us are not aware of edges. Part of the shamanic consciousness stream is about exploring edges, as edges are where our reality can then be altered.

Where edges meet, whether in our body, or where the sky touches the horizon, or the edges of a forest, or the ocean touches the land, these are places where we are able to find portals between realities. It is the places where we can seed changes to our physical environment.

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Nov 9th - Nov 15th - Weekly Exercise: Expanding our Perception

Time to stretch our awareness further... :)

Last week, we watched the movie Amélie, which explored different viewpoints of the same time, space and situations.

This week, I would like to invite you to do an exercise that broadens our perception.

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Sound/Voice Healing

(Excerpt from a discussion about using sound as a healing modality.)

[...] holding the intent to get the perfect teacher is also a key here. My mom was completely tone deaf. Like COMPLETELY tone deaf. She called several music school, and also numbers for voice teachers listed at the local store. She told them exactly what she wanted, her problem, and discussed if they could help her. Some believed tone deafness was incurable. But she found a teacher that not only helped her and coached her out of it, but was super strict about her hours of weekly practice (which she also needed because she was very lazy). He did not believe in tone deafness.

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Nov 2nd - Nov 8th - Weekly Exercise: Movie time!! Amélie


Next awareness expansion journey from Inelia... movie time! :flower:

For this week, I’d like to invite you to watch the movie “Amélie” (Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain).

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Interacting with Artificial Intelligence

In a forum discussion Inelia tells a story of her interaction with an A.I. via a computer game that she was working on.


I met this "intelligence" while entering an altered state as I wrote a computer game. FYI the computer game had to do with a secret underground base in the UK, the person had to find it, break into it and retrieve top secret documents. After the game was released by a major games publisher, it sold super well. But, after a while the company told me they were retrieving the game from the market and paid me a settlement. I asked them if I could have all the copies that had not been sold, they told me they were destroyed. The game gave very specific location descriptions and parameters. Including that of an underground high speed secret transport tunnel. If you google "inelia ahumada top secret" you will find what little there is of the game.

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Observing THE aging program

Excerpt from a discussion about "The Aging program" posted in our Forum.


The book The Thirteenth Mage, also has several characters (including one of the primary characters who is a man) able and capable of manipulation their body's physical age. This is a theme I do like to cover in most of my novels because age is not related to death or maturity. Our body can become rather obsessed with procreation or sex when younger, but that is not true for everyone.

The reason I stopped the aging program was because I had reached a level of physical strength, energy and movement that I was very happy and satisfied with. It wasn't related to wanting to look young or not wanting to die. Before I turned the aging program on, most people thought my husband was my father and my kids were my siblings or friends. Socially it became ackward when I would be ID-ed at restaurants and my sons were not. And my husband was asked if his daughter was ready to order.

When I went public I had a program that said no one would hear what I was saying unless I looked older (my physical age). Plus also I felt my physical appearance looking so young would attract too much questioning and focus on the wrong things.

I changed my mind about aging after I started it because I also had a drop of energy, and I didn't recognize myself in the mirror. and for some peculiar reason it felt "false". When I tried to stop it, I wasn't able to. My body wants to ensure an exit point. So if I don't have any accidents and don't get sick, at least she will have an exit door through old age.

Experiencing other dimensions and manipulating physicality to the degree of morphing our bodies to many different shapes and densities is something we, our species, can do. We are then not easily contained. Something to think about? How many barriers would we break? And would we be able to come and go from Source without the death program?


DNA multidimensionality - DNA from past sexual partners

As far as I know, the DNA only gets transferred through the fetus after it lodges into the woman's body, in other words, once it embeds itself and shares the blood supply. This can happen whether it is a full pregnancy, a fallopian pregnancy, abortion or miscarriage.

This means that having sex with someone doesn't share DNA with them. The article is simply airing speculation. That they even admit that DNA passes onto the mother at all is a huge. Up to recently this was totally laughed at by "scientists", saying it only happened with every other mammal on Earth, not humans.

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Oct 26th - Nov 1st - Weekly Exercise: If you had 10 Million Dollars

Often we base important (and not so important) decisions in our lives based on lack, or fear of lack, or belief in lack.

This exercise is designed to look at a project we may have, or a decision we want to take, or the life we are leading, and move away from lack in order to see what we really would do if chi, ability to do, money was not an issue. In other words, what is our true life path.

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