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Experiencing pleasure for spirituality

Has anybody heard of this? Today I read that term for the first time, and looked for something that could expand on the topic of "pleasure for spirituality". I found a blog post which gives tips:

Be a Glutton for Pleasure Practices

[... ] We all know the new spiritual awakening paradigm is about joy, ease, creativity, play, and fun--not seeking, processing, and working on ourselves endlessly. That spiritual awakening is furthered by pleasure more than by "working on it." That letting the challenge or problem go, and giving the mind a deep rest works better than "working on it." And low vibrations don't need healing (if you aren't sick.)

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Oct 19th - Oct 25th - Weekly Exercise: Joylightlove in what you drink

This is a lovely little exercise for the week. I really love this one!

This week I’d like to invite you to positively charge every drink you ingest.

If you have bottles of water, sodas, teas, coffee, milk, alcohol, or whatever you regularly drink during the week, put them between your hands and infuse them with Source Energy/joylightlove. Do this with every drink in your house to begin with, or straight from the faucet, then do it quickly before ingesting it.

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Oct 12th - Oct 18th - Weekly Exercise: Stepping out - affecting others

Hi, here is the next awareness expansion kit from Inelia :)

We do not live in isolation. Everything we think, do and say will and does affect others. Not just the vibration of what we feel think or do affects others, but also the vibration we strive for affects our environment in ways that are expansive and broad.

Often, when we realize that everything we do affects others both vibrationally and physically, we might feel “bad” for not Observing our thoughts or actions, and reacting rather than responding. We might also feel “bad” for feeling sad, low, angry, upset or fearful, because when we do, that’s the vibration we are broadcasting.

And… it’s like a Catch 22 situation, when we feel guilty or bad about how we are feeling or what we are doing, it compounds the negative vibration.

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Oct 5th - Oct 11th - Weekly Exercise: Sacred Space - Altar

Hi, next awareness expansion kit from Inelia ;)

In many spiritual traditions, people are encouraged to set up altars in their homes. Most of these are altars to project authority to a religion or deity. However, personal altars are found just about every single culture on the planet. The reason is that having a sacred space in the home is super positive.

This week, I would like to invite you to create or review your personal altar.

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Sep 28nd - Oct 4th - Weekly Exercise: Allowing for Entourage Support

For this week lets allow ourselves to get support :gift:. Here is the next awareness expansion kit from Inelia:

I would like to invite you to read an article about our Entourage, and afterward, do a small daily exercise to call for their support and help.

Here is the article: https://ascension101.com/en/home/free-articles/12-january-2010/49-spiritual-guides-and-ascension.html

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Sept 21st - Sept 27th - Weekly Exercise: Letting Gaia Support Us

Next awareness expansion pack from Inelia :)

This week, I would like you to invite Gaia to support you.

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Sep 14th - Sep 20th - Weekly Exercise: Pick an Object

Next awareness expansion kit from Inelia Benz :gift:

This is a really nice little exercise that I will often do. It’s super simple, just pick a small object that physically and vibrationally represents a perfect planetary life to you. It can be a crystal, a stone, a piece of jewelry, cloth, picture, toy, or any object whatsoever.

I use a crystal and it is not always the same crystal.

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Sep 7th - Sep 13th - Weekly Exercise: Stop to Smell The Roses

Let's relax into higher awareness and vibrations :clown: :flower:

To stop and smell the roses is an English saying that means we take time out of our busy life to enjoy and appreciate beautiful things, smells and simply life :)

Verb: stop and smell the roses (idiomatic) To relax; to take time out of one's busy schedule to enjoy or appreciate the beauty of life.

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Aug 31st - Sep 6th - Weekly Exercise: The Point of Origin

Next awareness expansion kit from Inelia and this one is most interesting :unsure:

During the August 2015 monthly call I mentioned an exercise I would like us to do. The reason I want us to do this exercise is because is gives us an insight into the “reason” why we a divine eternal soul would “incarnate” into a physical human body. It is also related to why we have a cycle of incarnation on this planet and why our in between lives will highly encourage us, or sometimes trick us, into making a decision to return.

You can do this exercise once, or several times during this week. If you get any information, whether visual or intellectual data, you can then expand on your awareness of this point in time space according to your own interests and curiosity. If you don’t, please do the firewall exercise using the words “I don’t see anything”, “I don’t receive any information about this”, or “I can’t perceive anything”.

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Aug 24th - Aug 30th - Weekly Exercise: What defines you?

Next awareness expansion kit from Inelia :wizard:

As we walk through life, we pick things up that we identify with. It could be a cultural belief, or a physical feature, or a career, interest, a group of people… the list is endless.

For this week, let’s look around our environment, the clothes we wear, the books we like to read, and see if we can pinpoint what defines us.

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