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June 1 - June 7 - Weekly Exercise: What is the core animating energy of the groups you belong to?

Next exercise from a Inelia, a tad late... I thought it was still Sunday today, turn out is Monday already :whew:

As a species, humans are relationship based beings. We relate to our environment, but also to different individuals and groups of people, and in different ways to each of these. We may work for a corporation for example. We may still have an extended family, or small family unit. We may identify with a particular group or religion, or even nation or geographical area.

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May 25th - May 31st - Weekly Exercise: What is your core animating energy?

Next exercise from Inelia :party: (I think I'm going to start calling these "awareness expansion opportunities" :lol: )

This week I would like to invite you to start on a journey of exploration.

It’s important, when stepping into this journey, to move away from judgment or preconceived ideas of “what it should be”.

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May 18th - May 24th - Weekly Exercise: Reconnecting with Gaia Exercise

Next exercise from Inelia :flower: :flower:

This week, I would like to invite you to strengthen your connection with Gaia.

If you have access to natural locations such as a forest, mountains, beaches, the sea, hiking trails or parks, then spend some time there this week. When you get there, make sure your body is safe, so there are no predators, or dangerous terrain, and sit for at least twenty minutes. While you are sitting, feel the air as it enters your body. The air is filled with information from the trees, animals, rocks, water and plants. Imagine the air sparkling with bits of “beingness” and “experiencing” of the life around you.

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May 11th - May 17th - Weekly Exercise: Detecting and Deciding on Energy Cords

Next exercise from Inelia :flower:

Energy cords are our connection to people, places, things and situations. They are not bad or good, but they are part and parcel of our life on Earth. We are all connected to some degree. Some connections are much stronger than others, and some are super strong, we call these last ones “energy cords”.

Most of the time, when it comes to people or places, we have energy cords mutually connected to each other. Sometimes we have one way cords which other come or go to the person or place. These one way cords are sometimes connected, and sometimes left dangling.

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May 4th - May 10th - Weekly Exercise: Cleaning...

Hello :)

Here is the exercise for the next week, from Inelia. I've personally found this one very "freeing". Enjoy!

This week I’d like to invite you to clean up your physical environment. What does this mean? Well, it’s not just about vacuuming and dusting. You can certainly vacuum and dust, and that would be really good!

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April 26th - May 3rd - Weekly Exercise: The moment we wake up in the morning

Hi, here is the next exercise from Inelia :gift: :hug:

We very often wake up each morning in a state that is different to our regular state in life. During our sleep, our being goes into a different mode of existence. Sleep has been one of those oddities of living in a physical body that is still filled with mystery and an amazing amount of wonderment.

Scientists have tried for a long time to find out and explain why sleep is so necessary to living organisms but have had no definite answers.

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April 19th - 25th - Weekly Exercise: Breathing

Hi, next exercise from Inelia. :gift:

This week I would like to invite you to Breathe :)

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April 12th - April 18th - Weekly Exercise: Movie time… Understanding Fear

Next exercise from Inelia :flower:

This week I would like to invite you to watch a movie. This movie was shot down by critics and the media in the USA and was a “flop” in there. However, it was a huge success outside of the USA where certain media outlets have less power and influence.

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April 5th - April 11th - Weekly Exercise: Religions and Dogmas

Next exercise from Inelia Benz.... :wizard:

I am presently working on the next MP3 for us and it’s about how religions and dogmas have been used as a tool of dis-empowerment. Which is actually the opposite of what most of them were invented for.

This week I would like us to simply Observe religions and dogmas for about 20 minutes per day. Particularly those which have had a direct effect on our own lives or which we have adopted as being true for everyone, or the only truth.

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March 29th - April 4th - Weekly Exercise: Hoʻoponopono

Here is the next "awareness expansion kit" from Inelia Benz :wizard:

Many of you will be familiar with “Hoʻoponopono”. This is a tool from is an ancient Hawaiian practice that if used with the right intent, can actually have very powerful results. It is even more powerful when a group of individuals are using it at the same time.

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