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March 22nd - March 28th - Weekly Exercise: What are we ingesting?

Next exercise from Inelia is here :hug:

We eat, drink and breathe every day. The need to breathe, eat and drink appears to be a program that keeps us dependent on the consumption and use of the environment to survive.

There have been various individuals who have bypassed the eating and drinking part. And a few who have temporarily bypassed the breathing part. But the breathing part was done by making the body go into a type of hibernation.

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March 15th - March 21st - Weekly Exercise: Your role in relationships

:flower: Next exercise from Inelia Benz :flower:

Sometimes we get confused with relationships and our roles in them. Particularly friendships, but also with relatives, co-workers and acquaintances.

This week I would like to invite you to do a really simple exercise. For the next seven days, each day, look at three people who you spend time with in person, on the phone, or on the internet and ask yourself the following questions:

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March 8th - March 14th - Weekly Exercise: Walk our Talk...

:gift: Next exercise from Inelia Benz:

Conscious walking is something that is practiced in many monastic and religious schools. The reason behind it is to bring us back to present time, and allowing us a respite from our minds which makes our connection with our Source energy and Higher Self much easier.

This week, I’d like to invite you to do about 20 minutes of conscious walking (of course you can do longer if you want to). You can do this indoors or outdoors.

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March 1st - March 7th - Weekly Exercise: Looking at Karma


Here is the next exercise from Inelia :gift: :gift: :gift:

Karma is a word that came from Sanskrit (India) and the dictionary definition is: (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

However, the way we use it in the West, it means “payback”, “fault”, “bad debt”, all sorts of negative things that are mostly consequences of what went before.

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Feb 22nd - Feb 28th - Weekly Exercise: Experiencing our “rainbow” bodies

Hello, next weeks discussion from Inelia :gift:

Have you heard of the rainbow body? Others call it the “light body” or “energy body” and there’s a lot of beliefs around it saying we can only step into it, or become it, when we “ascend” or move to a different dimension. And also beliefs that say only sacred masters or mystics can do it... not for the likes of us!

Well... we can dissolve into pure energy and embody a “rainbow body” at any time.

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Feb 15th - Feb 21st - Weekly Exercise: What are you doing?

Next exercise from Inelia Benz :gift: :flower: :gift:

This week I would like to invite you to look at something which relates to how we live on the planet. It is an experiment in Observation and Contemplation.

Observation is when we simply look at a topic, object or person, but do not have any “interaction” with it as it were. We observe and experience the observation of the topic, object or person but don’t judge it, thoughts about it are thanked and released, we step out of the way, and simply allow the universe to observe the item through our eyes.

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Feb 8th - Feb 14th, 2015 - Weekly Exercise: Smell the roses

Next exercise from Inelia :drink: :gift: :drink: :

Last week we started Spring Cleaning, and this week I would like to invite you to smell the roses :D

Often, when we are involved in accelerating our growth and empowerment, we can get so busy catching up and dealing with what’s probably been in our reality field for hundreds, if not thousands of lifetimes, that we don’t have any time to enjoy our amazing planet or present moment.

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Feb 1st - Feb 7th, 2015 - Weekly Exercise: Let’s Clean House!

Next exercise from Inelia Benz :greenflag: :gift:

Wow! It’s February already :D

Time for some Spring Cleaning!

For this week I would like to invite you to clear up your human linked energy lines and energy bodies. We can use some very simple methods to do this, but first we identify what’s low vibrational and dissonant in those areas.

Our energy lines can be financial, emotional, social, familial, geographical, intellectual, work related, and all other areas where we are connected to people.

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Jan 25th - Jan 31st, 2015 - Weekly Exercise: Contemplating the Ego

Surprise, surprise! Here is the exercise for the coming week... :lol:

After the experience shared on our monthly Walk With Me Now call for January, I would like to invite for us to do this exercise for at least one week. We might go a second week if we feel it’s not done yet at the end of the week :)

So, let’s contemplate the ego!

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Jan 18th - Jan 24th, 2015 - Weekly Exercise: Contemplation vs Meditation

New exercise from Inelia :gift:

Meditation is when we go into an altered state of consciousness. This greatly expands our awareness and also helps with mental, emotional, energetic and physical health and balance.

Contemplation is the act of the thoughtful act of observation or study of a certain object, idea, situation, person, energy… anything at all. This will often lead to great insight and free flow of information.

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