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Jan 4th - Jan 11th, 2015 - Weekly Exercise: All Senses Psychic Development

Next exercise from Inelia - I hope everybody had a good time with the previous one :angel: :silent:

Since September 2014, we have been developing our physical senses as well as our in mind senses in order to develop our psychic awareness and interpretation of data as it comes in. This has included all five known senses and you can see a record of each exercise here: walkwithmenow.com/forum/weekly-discussions.html (also here: Top Menu > User Home > Weekly Discussions)

Some of these senses will take longer for us to get familiar with, and develop, than others.

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Dec 28th - Jan 3rd Weekly Exercise: The “I, me and myself”

Two weeks have just zipped by! So here is the new weekly exercise from Inelia. :gift:

As we move into empowerment, and sometimes the reason we moved into empowerment, is because we became conscious of the Self.

This often will result in an overly stimulated sense of importance of Self, or self (with the little “s”).

This exercise is very simple, but can be quite hard to carry out for any length of time. And we can fall into little traps very quickly too!

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Dec 14th - Dec 28th Weekly Exercise: Tools for the season

ext exercise from Inelia Benz. You're going to love this one! :flower: :angel:

Many of us will be having to deal with sharing time, space and energy with friends, family and work colleagues that are low vibration and sleeping heavily.

To work on this, and the huge collective energies of loneliness and despair that are triggered at this time of year, I invite you to work on our resonance/dissonance detection and what we do about situations that are dissonant.

Due to the intensity of this topic, and the season, this weekly exercise is encouraged to be done for the next two weeks.

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Dec 7th - Dec 13th Weekly Exercise: Are you ready to be fully awake?

Next exercise from Inelia :flower:

The question of whether we are ready to be fully awake came up during our European event tour more than once. I am therefore presenting it as a question we can look at for this week.

When we ask this question, let’s remember to ask it for ourselves, but also to ask it for our physical body.

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Nov 30th - Dec 6th Weekly Exercise: Developing Psychic Taste

Next exercise from Inelia :) :gift:

Taste is not normally something we would think can bring us information from a state of expanded awareness. But it is.

Depending on the culture we have grown up in, taste will play a different role and level of importance to our overall sensory experience of the physical world. What we taste and how we taste it is rarely discussed either socially or even to ourselves.

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Nov 23rd - Nov 29 Weekly Exercise: Developing Psychic Sight

Next exercise/practice from Inelia :gift:

Following our Psychic development theme, this week I would like to invite you to work on the following exercises. These will develop your inner seeing both at the conceptual level as well as the interpretation level.

We will be working with different levels of "seeing". If you have problems with your sight, do this exercise with what you actually see, or think something looks like.

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Nov 16th - Nov 22nd Weekly Exercise: Body Awareness


Here is the exercise for the next week :woohoo:

For this week, I would like to invite you to read two ebooks that are in our library.

These ebooks are highly controversial, and break through a lot of established belief systems while at the same time teaching us to listen to our own authority.

The writer has given us full permission to post the ebooks in our website.

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Nov 9th - Nov 15th Weekly Exercise: Developing Psychic Hearing

Next exercise from Inelia :) :music: :music:

This exercise is the first of a series of weeks where we will be developing our psychic or mystical capacities of sense awareness using very simple exercises. It is also a support to the November MP3, in which psychic awareness and senses will be fully discussed.

This week, we will develop psychic hearing.

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Nov 2nd - 8th Weekly Exercise - Do Nothing

The Exercise for next week :gift:

Next week we will start integrating the expanded senses into our mystical work.

This week it’s about doing nothing.

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Oct 26th - Nov 1st Weekly Exercise - Smell Perception

Next week's exercise by Inelia :gift:

For the past four weeks we have been expanding our awareness in the physical with Touch, Hearing, Taste and Seeing.

This week, I’d like to invite you to expand your Smell perception.

I left this one until last because smell is in fact one of our most powerful senses. Not only does it give detailed information about our surroundings, food and people, but it also holds the most powerful memory activation abilities of all the senses.

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