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Oct 19th - 25th - Weekly Exercise - Touch Perception

Hello, here is the exercise for this week :)

This week I would like to invite you to reconnect with, and expand your touch perception.

We touch, and feel touch mostly with our hands, but we also touch with our skin all over our body.

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Oct 12th - 18th Weekly exercise - Taste Perception

Here is the exercise that Inelia has created for this week :gift:

The development of our senses often begins with a reconnection with our sense in the physical world. These senses can then be expanded to be used in remote viewing, biolocation, and astral projection.

In the past two weeks we have expanded our visual perception, and our audio perception. This week I would like to invite you to expand on your taste perception.

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Oct 5th - 11th Weekly Exercise - Looking at detail

Following on our last week and expansion of auditory perception, this week I’d like to invite you to expand your visual perception.

This exercise is very simple and a lot of fun. If you wear glasses, feel free to wear them for this exercise, but it’s not necessary as what we want to observe is not what’s there as such, but our perception of what is there.

Each day, we want to look at one close up item, and also the horizon.

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Sept 28th - Oct 4th - Weekly Exercise - Music

This week I’d like to invite you to join, listen to or express music that you would not normally listen to or play.

The exercise is to broaden our auditory reality. This does not mean music that you don’t like, on the contrary, find something that you do like. For example, if you are English speaking, find traditional Spanish or French music, or something from India, the Andes, Africa, China, Tibet, whether modern or native. If you only listen to rock, listen to classical or channeled music. If you only listen to spiritual music, then listen to rock, jazz, hip hop, or some sort of popular music.

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Sept 21st-27th Weekly Exercise - Let’s Observe

At the start of this month, we discussed “a new player in the radar” at the forum. This thread grew amazingly and deeply into various aspects of our role, seeing, integrity, interspecies communication, and more.

One thing that became clear, was that before we do anything, any action, by simply observing a question, person, location, situation, it will, by our observation alone, be disentangled in our minds and understood. Often, this will also act as a catalyst for the situation to morph in the physical.

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Sept 14th - 20th Weekly Exercise - Actions Toward Our Goals


Here is Inelia's exercise for the upcoming week! :party:

Sept 14th - 20th Weekly Exercise - Actions Toward Our Goals

This week is an exercise which is pretty well known in the area of “manifestation”. Where we have a goal, or an image, of what we want our lives to be, and every day we take an action toward it.

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Sept 7th - 13th Weekly Exercise - The Objects Around Us

The objects we surround ourselves with are charged with energy, meaning, and “history”.

They are the “anchors” that make our linear time, and timeline, energy specific. What helps to keep us grounded to a certain reality and not another.

This week’s exercise is short, but it will be difficult for some, and very easy for others.

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Aug 31st-Sept 6th Weekly Exercise - Change Routine

This is an exercise that I have encouraged individuals to do many times before. It is a great one, and one that I do have to remind myself to do on a conscious level every few months.

It is very simple. For the next week, do something completely different in your physical life. Here are some of my personal favorites, choose one and stick to it for the entire week, or go from the most comfortable to the least comfortable and do one per day:

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Aug 24 -30 Weekly Exercise - Playing with Physical

August 24th - 30th Weekly Exercise - Playing with Physicality

Most of us have asked ourselves, “why am I here?”

The answer to that question has been highly discussed, and many different reasons are given to us. The most popular in Western culture, are that we are here to learn through pain, learn lessons, and repay our karma.

Imagine for a moment that all the above are nothing but games, and that the only reason we are here is to play with Physicality. That the game itself is neutral. What we do in it, we choose as a species, a collective, is ruled by resonance and vibration. And imagine, that the compass to find out what physicality experience we are personally here to have, is resonance.

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Aug 18th - 24th Weekly Exercise - Lucid Dreaming

August 18th - 24th Weekly Exercise - Lucid Dreaming

A week is not enough time to really explore this theme, but I thought we could get a start now, and we can certainly take it way beyond this week in linear time.

Scientists still cannot explain why we need to go to sleep every night, and why we dream. But mystics have had the answer to these questions for a long time. Albeit, depending on their culture and religious background, what these reasons appear to be.

One thing is clear, most mystics will tell you that dreaming is a doorway to interdimensional travel, awareness, astral travel, telepathy and biolocation. And the key that key that opens that door is lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is when we realize we are dreaming, inside a dream, and then can “drive” or “observe” the dream as it unfolds from a fully conscious level.

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