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Aug 11th-17th Discussion: Processing Diets

After last week's dedication to upgrading relationships with others, this week I'd like us to look at our relationship with food.

Are you a vegetarian? Vegan? Omnivore?

Do you often go on diets to cleanse yourself, or loose weight?

In other words, do you have any emotions about what you, or others, eat? Is there guilt (yours or theirs) involved? Strong beliefs or judgments?

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Moving into Resonant Timelines: Upgrading Relations

Moving into Resonant Timelines: Upgrading Relationships is our July 2014 MP3.

You can listen to it online, or download it here:

This topic, Upgrading Relationships, is one I would really like us to look at right now because it is something that has accelerated since June 2014 and a fabulous energy wave to take advantage of for us personally as well as our human collective.

The MP3 uses and explores the seven steps delineated in the forum and at ascension101:

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Sharing a spiritual discourse or sacred gathering with individuals of compatible frequency is how spiritual advancement is traditionally done in many cultures and religions around the world. It is how our own divinity and sovereignty can be acknowledged and strengthened. Now journeying to have this discourse can be done daily from your own living-room to the degree you choose. Sharing, reading or spending time with other high frequency individuals around the planet, day in and day out, from our own reality and lives has never been possible before. We can now do this by simply reading the material or forum posts, listening to the classes, doing the exercises or actively engaging in discourse with Inelia and other members.

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