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This is a lovely little exercise for the week. I really love this one!

This week I’d like to invite you to positively charge every drink you ingest.

If you have bottles of water, sodas, teas, coffee, milk, alcohol, or whatever you regularly drink during the week, put them between your hands and infuse them with Source Energy/joylightlove. Do this with every drink in your house to begin with, or straight from the faucet, then do it quickly before ingesting it.

If you are in a situation or emotional or mental state where you cannot tap into joylightlove to charge your drinks for the week (or the one you are about to ingest, then simply say the words, “I intent for Source Energy/joylightlove to infuse this drink”.

Sometimes it is also useful to write a little note and tape it to the drinks or our glasses and cups when we store them or as we drink them, with the word/s Joylightlove. With bottles and cans, or disposable cups, use a permanent marker to write the words directly onto them.

Enjoy and happy liquids this week!


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