Time to stretch our awareness further... :)

Last week, we watched the movie Amélie, which explored different viewpoints of the same time, space and situations.

This week, I would like to invite you to do an exercise that broadens our perception.

Within shamanic and mystical streams of consciousness, there is a “skill” that is developed where a person will “borrow” into another person or animal’s physical body. This skill can take a while to develop, but the first exercise for it is super good for expanding our own awareness.

The easiest beings to try this with are those which are small and uncomplicated. Birds and fish are the easiest. If you have an affinity to lizards or bugs, you could try those too. If you have animals at home, these are also pretty good for practicing.

The first thing to know about borrowing, is that it is done only with permission, and cannot be “forced”. Also be very aware that borrowing is not “possessing”. Possessing is about taking full control of another being, and using them like a puppet. Borrowing, is the sharing of their perceptions, or tapping into them, so you can see and feel what they are seeing and feeling.

Keep each time you practice this to a few minutes only per day to begin with.

  1. Choose an animal that you can see.
  2. “Ask” the animal if you may see through his/her eyes, and feel through their body.
  3. If you get no response, or find it difficult to connect with the animal, move onto another animal as the answer is “no”.
  4. Once you feel an animal being welcoming, move your personal viewpoint to be inside their head and perceive through their body. This is simply done by “imagining” yourself seeing through his or her eyes. This can last a few milliseconds at first, and then, after much practice, it can last longer.
  5. Once the connection is lost, thank the animal, send it love, and move around in your own body, concentrating on what he or she is seeing and feeling in present time.