Here is Inelia's next awareness expansion kit :bye:

Edges are what delineate our reality. Most of us are not aware of edges. Part of the shamanic consciousness stream is about exploring edges, as edges are where our reality can then be altered.

Where edges meet, whether in our body, or where the sky touches the horizon, or the edges of a forest, or the ocean touches the land, these are places where we are able to find portals between realities. It is the places where we can seed changes to our physical environment.

For this week, I would like to invite you to become aware of your physical body’s edges. These are where our skin touch the air, clothes, or other items. Where our hair touches them too.
Choose a part of your body, hands are great for this, and then observer the edge around your hands (if this is what you chose).

Move your hands and feel how the edge changes. Observe the edge.

Touch an item and be conscious of the edge between your hand and the item.

Now touch a person, animal or plant.

Feel the edge and with your senses perceive if there is a difference between your body’s edge touching an object is different to your body’s edge touching a living being.