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Following up on last week’s exercise of becoming aware of “edges”, this week I would like to invite you to become aware of your emotional body’s edges. Our emotional body is one of the most powerful creation tools we possess. This exercise will help us become aware of it, and familiar with its edges.

To become familiar with your emotional body, please refer to units 13 and 14 of the Ascension101 Course.

The emotional body, in most of us, has constricted to the smallest possible size, and the edge is very “fuzzy”, not strongly delineated.

For this exercise, find your emotional body’s edges. Sometimes simply stating, “where are my emotional body’s edges” will have an emotional reaction. Allow the emotional reaction to express, and gently feel for the emotional body’s fuzzy edges. When ready, expand your emotional body, then bring it back to the size it started at. Do this a few times until comfortable.

For the next part of the exercise, you will need an object that is small enough to hold in one hand. It can be anything at all as long as it is not very large.

Place the object about the distance of your body to your elbow away. Sit in front of it, and “touch” the object with your emotional body’s edge. Move the object arm’s length away, and do the same.

For the last part of the exercise, you will need to have a plant, tree, animal or person (living being). Standing or sitting next to the person, feel your emotional body’s edge as it touches either their physical body, energy body or emotional body.

Again, if you don’t “feel” anything at first, simply state it. “I am now touching the object with my emotional body’s edge.” “I am now touching the living being with my emotional body’s edge”. And acknowledge that it happened.

Do this exercise at least once a day for the next week, longer if you remember :)

Happy Experimenting!