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This week's awareness stretch :)

This week we will explore the third of our sensory body’s “edges”.

The energy body is most acutely felt when a stranger stands “too close” to us.

If we are in a large empty field, and a stranger walks towards us, there is a point of distance when it feels that they entered our space. That they got too close for comfort. That’s our energy body’s edge. If we are in a cramped train, underground transport or other public transport system that is so crowded people are touching us all around, our energy body’s edge is close to our skin (physical body’s edge), and the same stranger could be standing much closer without us feeling they had entered our space.

For this week’s exercise, I would like to invite you to explore the expansion and the shrinking of your energy body and feeling where its edge is.

Firstly, in the privacy of your own home or room, detect you energy body’s edge, then move the edge away from you, then pull it toward you.

Secondly, with a person, plant or pet, expand and retract your energy body to see if you can detect when its edge touches the living being’s energy body’s edge.

Sometimes the edge is easier to detect when we don’t know a person. If the above hasn’t given you a clear indication of where your energy body’s edge is at any one point, do number 2 at a public park or quiet space such as a library.

Again, if you don’t detect your energy body or its edge at first, simply state it. “I am now expanding my energy body”, “I am now contracting my energy body”, “My energy body’s edge is touching the walls of this room”, “I am now touching the person/plant/pet with my energy body’s edge”. And acknowledge that it happened.



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