Hi, here is the next awareness expansion kit ;)

Edges delineate our reality.

When we become aware of edges, we can also start working with them. For this week, I would like to invite you to start becoming aware of our environment’s edges. Here are some well known edges that we can start working on:

  • The edge of the road
  • Where the sky meets the Earth
  • The sea meets the land
  • Stairs
  • Rivers
  • Edge of a forest
  • Edge of a field
  • Human city or national borders
  • Edges in time, like dawn and dusk
  • Edges in matter, when an element turns to a different element - something burns, turns to ice, turns to gas.

Edges are places where we can place intentions. When we burn a candle, and place an intention or prayer, this enters the edge of the elements transforming. We can also place intentions in any other edge.

Have fun spotting and playing with edges!