This is an exerpt from a forum discussion the connection between the body and the soul.

A lot of these questions are answered in this book:
They interviewed me for that book, but some of the answers are not quite accurate because some of our emails didn't make it to their destinations. But the core information is accurate. Overall, if you are interested in birth, incarnation and the different cultural beliefs, and people's memories of the experiences, this is a great book to read.

The authors are presently writing a second book that also asks questions about abortion and miscarriages. My answers to those questions are:

Inelia: “Nothing can happen to us, and we can do nothing to others, without our consent.

For an abortion to be successful, both the mother and the baby need to have the agreement of the experience.

“Some people only need to be in physical form for a very short time, which can mean just days in utero. And sometimes their personal relationship with the mother, or father, only needs a few days in physical connection.

“My own mother tried to abort me three times, and each time she thought she had been successful. But, here I am: alive and well. There was no agreement from my physical body, or me, to have a successful abortion.

“The same could be said of miscarriages, both parties need to agree to the experience in order for it to happen. And this might seem harsh, especially when as a parent one does not want to lose that baby. These agreements are from our higher self, and don’t always reflect what ‘we want’ in our physical existence.

“Yes, and sometimes it is the physical body and not the Soul that needs a short human experience. The reasons are as varied as there are people.

“Sometimes an abortion has to do with healing a certain physical aspect that was faulty in the previous incarnation; sometimes it’s just a short connection that was needed to fulfill, or finalize, a cycle between the parent and baby. Sometimes it is to establish a cycle or continue with one. Not always in a positive manner. That means sometimes babies and parents want to continue negative cycles of life. These could be experienced as full lives, abortions, or miscarriages. They are not just related to abortions. Sometimes abortions are very positive experiences.”


“Abortions are not always about lessons. It rarely is about lessons. But, that doesn’t mean that none are. Mothers might want to experience an abortion for many reasons. Often, in developing nations, it is about poverty or survival of the children who are already alive and it’s based on something as simple as lack of birth control protection.”

Being fully incarnated in one's body is often resisted. The main block, I think, is that the "soul" thinks it will be trapped in the body if it allows itself to enter fully. Sometimes it's about the experience of incarnation is not pleasant for the soul. The reason it's important to fully incarnate (after processing the fears and firewalls against it), is that our body and subtle bodies are the ones we use to manifest physical reality. When we fully incarnate, we get full use of our bodies.

Chemicals and habits that separate us from our physical bodies are highly advertised (alcohol, drugs, television, fear)... because if you have a billion people fully incarnated and aware on the planet, not much can be done to them without their consent.