I think this topic is super exciting to explore together.

First the question about why I would need different parallel lives (timelines) as normal people. The reason is that it is in our human experience that we have parallel multiple lives. Most people also have chronologically separate lives. If I am to exist as a human being, then parallel timelines are part of the deal. Like breathing, or sleeping, it's part of who we are as a species.

Why the need to have an ordinary life? When we incarnate, life is ordinary. The message of empowerment is needed by those who lead ordinary lives. Those who lead a monastic or religious life have their own messengers. Therefore, leading an ordinary life was necessary to both understand the complexity of ordinary human life, as well as how to break out of it (our programs and beliefs) and into our empowerment.

The other role, of course, is that other individuals are less able to project holiness onto me (and remove themselves from their own empowerment by saying that "inelia can do it because she's special") and more able to see that as I overcome and grow past my own self limitations, so can they.

The multiplicity of experience we have as human beings (parallel lives) is part of the quantum nature of our existence. Every time we make a major decision, it splits us into different outcomes.

I've been looking to see if I recorded the exercise to tap into our different timelines, but apart from the Goals exercise in the Ascenison101 Course (have you done that unit?), there is nothing specifically designed to explore the different timelines. I still haven't gone through all the MP3s from awaken academy, there might be one there that does it. Either way, maybe it's time for a new one :)

Another interesting aspect is that not just the singular viewpoint splits, but our elemental bodies also.