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(exerpt from a discussion about integrating spirtual practice into one's work/job etc)


This question, of whether to change the system from the inside, or not, is something that still needs looking for sure.

I mentioned, in one of the calls I think, that I had met with a lady who worked for Monsanto. She had entered the company to make changes from the inside. She wanted to influence her co-workers and the company by being there. One co-worker left the company due to the things she learned from this lady. When we discussed it, it became clear that what she was doing, by putting the great majority of her Chi into the workings of Monsanto, was to give them, the company, the great part of her life-force and creative energy for many years. She was "feeding" the monster from within, and any attempt to change it were already well guarded and firewalled within the company. Most of the people who realized the company was not in integrity would soon leave. And yes, as people leave, suddenly the monster dies.

To step into a new job, or creating one, is super hard. Especially if one has trained and is heavily invested in the job at a social, financial and personal level.

I was reading your responses [...], and there also appears to be a huge resistance to "religion" per se . I have that one too... so no surprises there. But it almost feels like a requisite that any spiritual tool we may use, is DEFINITELY not a religion, or part of a religion or taught by a religious leader... ;)

The creation of an alternative health service can't even be called medicine, health service, or even alternative health if it contains spiritual tools.

Before I went public, in the year 2004, one of my "charges" was a lady who worked for the pharmaceutical industry as a rep. She sold pharmaceuticals. She was also an incarnated angels who spoke to angels. After a few years of working with her, She "came out of the closet" and gave classes on how to connect and talk to angels. Before she could do that, she had to give up on her job. She also used to train law enforcement on finding missing people. And on that front, she even used a different name. Then she learned Feng Shui, and in that front, she wouldn't reveal that the Feng Shui was done with the person's angels whispering in her ears.
Now... she is fully integrated, and she doesn't hold any secrets. The response of the law enforcement people was extremely positive, she learned to speak her truth in their language, and she got more speaking requests than ever before.

Mostly, I think, it is fear of being seen.


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