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Yoganada is a super interesting person to me. Apart from the fact that I love reading people's personal journeys, so autobiographies are always a plus, he seems to have overcome quite a few obstacles in his own journey.

There is a lot of dogma in his teachings, a giving away of authority and power to buddhas, Jesus, God and his Master Guru. Things which his disciples also inherited. However, seen from a larger, or later, perspective, we need to understand that he came along when our society was deeply embedded in POO (power over others) and the giving away of power. He seems to have given a bridge from that state to one that was more empowered. Yet, not really suitable for someone who is fully ready to remove the training wheels and step into their divinity.

One of the best scenes in the documentary was when he went back to India and he was so stoked about not having to "push" spirituality onto people, but those there willingly and enthusiastically sought higher states of existence. At one point one sees him walking around with his disciples and co-creators, and he is totally and completely blissed out! I loved that scene. HE IS SO HAPPYYYYYYYYY

Then he goes back to the states and goes into hermitage to put down on paper and record as much as he can before he leaves.

One of the things that Larry spotted was how much the POO controllers had accepted him and made him and his best friend and co-guru known in society at the time, super popular, then put in the fear of "god" about them as sexual exploiters of white women/wives/daughters, and practically labeled them devil worshipers. It was almost like a setup. Then his best friend actually marries one of his disciples and sues him for half the income from the foundation and schools they had set up. Talk about open doors to negativity!

What will happen after I'm gone, with all the information, tools, guidance, teachings, discussions, explorations and insights that I have been part of, I hope will be positive. That there won't be a crash back into dogma and worship once I'm gone. You might think it's funny saying "worship", but that is still super prevalent in individuals outside of this forum, or those who participate in the gatherings and events.

Have you seen the movie "Bruce Almighty"? A couple of scenes there, he is seen hearing all the prayers that are coming his way from people just in his neighborhood. Well, 24/7 I hear those from around the planet. There huge number of people around the planet who have decided not to open up to the stuff I am disseminating, but project their authority and personal divinity onto me instead. What will they do when I kick the bucket?? They will probably swear that I have appeared to them and answered their prayers personally. Wait... they already do that.

The "hearing" is not telepathic or experiential in nature. It is more like some of the billions of people around the planet are suddenly slightly louder than the rest, none come up clearly or singularly, more like thousands of voices speaking at once, saying different things in different languages.

My hope is that through Observation, and education, the projection of authority, divinity and thinking that I will answer their prayers, will turn into mapping to where (vibrationally) and how I exist. That they will realize that the only difference between us is that I am burdened with less programs and firewalls than they are.

Anyways, it's part of the process of education and deprogramming. Once I'm retired, I hope that you will keep the empowerment message alive. That dogmas, tools, saints, gods/ess and methodologies will become options and cool stuff to try and drop as needed rather than "it" "the only solution to everything - and if you don't use/follow it you are condemned to suffer for eternity".


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