As far as I know, the DNA only gets transferred through the fetus after it lodges into the woman's body, in other words, once it embeds itself and shares the blood supply. This can happen whether it is a full pregnancy, a fallopian pregnancy, abortion or miscarriage.

This means that having sex with someone doesn't share DNA with them. The article is simply airing speculation. That they even admit that DNA passes onto the mother at all is a huge. Up to recently this was totally laughed at by "scientists", saying it only happened with every other mammal on Earth, not humans.

We are not linked to our sexual partner for life. Only their physical body (if we became pregnant with them). Energetically however, we can be linked to them for the rest of our lives unless we process and dissolve the energy packets left in our bodies while having sexual relations with them.

How we do that? We can use the fear processing exercise on the energy packets. Also, we can cut energy lines attached to and from the ex partner, and also send them back any and all energies that are in us which belongs to them. This goes for men and women. It's always a good idea to do it regularly when in a new relationship too, because our partner will be carrying energy packets from their previous partners which can get eeky if not "cleansed". Remember, if it affects you, it's yours to process.

Once you no longer have a charge about carrying their stuff, (or having been with them in the first place) you are done :)

 - Inelia

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