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Has anybody heard of this? Today I read that term for the first time, and looked for something that could expand on the topic of "pleasure for spirituality". I found a blog post which gives tips:

Be a Glutton for Pleasure Practices

[... ] We all know the new spiritual awakening paradigm is about joy, ease, creativity, play, and fun--not seeking, processing, and working on ourselves endlessly. That spiritual awakening is furthered by pleasure more than by "working on it." That letting the challenge or problem go, and giving the mind a deep rest works better than "working on it." And low vibrations don't need healing (if you aren't sick.)

When you give it a rest, you get you out of the way, and take the charge off the resistance.
After that, solutions flow from the Void, fresh as spring rain.

So how do you add more pleasure to your life, and savor your way deeper into the new paradigm of ease and joy?

Make up your own list, because you are unique, but to get you inspired, hum the tune of the Mary Poppins song, "these are a few of my favorite things," and here are mine. I try to do at least three of these a day. Some take just three minutes:

Being, not doing. That might mean sitting and just breathing and staring at the sky. No thinking! No productivity! No seriousness!
Slow walks, NOT for exercise, but to slow down and be aware of each flower, each step
Lie in the yard, with the horses munching hay nearby - 15 minutes
Midday nap - 15 minutes
Horse kiss - 10 seconds
Pet Honey the dog- 1 to 5 minutes
Take her on a short walk - 20 minutes
Long baths with salts and oils (for pure pleasure!) - 30 minutes
Sit in the hot tub appreciating at the yard and the horses - 15 minutes
Bounce on my mini-trampoline - 3 minutes
Ride my horses, not train them, just be with them with no goal - 1 to 3 hours
Brush the horses and smell their coat - 5 minutes
Laugh - as long as possible
Hear, read, or share jokes
Write humor
Romantic pleasure nights at home
Massages - 30 to 60 minutes
Pedicures - 30 minutes
Meditation - 5 to 30 mintes
Make a great meal very slowly, savoring each movement, each color, each flavor - 30 minutes to 1 hour
Day of silence - or part of a day
Sing or chant to feel the pleasure of vibrating the vocal chords, which vibrate the body - 3 minutes or longer
Go out dancing
Dance to music that moves me at home
Any movement that's pleasurable
Zoning out on our rowing machine is like meditation when I close my eyes - 15 or more minutes. (One friend listens to books on tape while he rows.)
SING to music that feels gooooood! Pharrell Williams Happy is a current favorite but I made a Happy Music playlist in iTunes.
Chant along to music. Lola's Gayatri Mantra. The beauty of today's lush musical chants (look up Deva Premal and Miten) is that they are pure pleasure, not austerities or chores you have to do a certain number of times. They get you high!
Kundalini yoga - 3 minutes to an hour. Watch for my new online Kundalini Joy course.
Make web cards like the one on the right. Then I get up and MOVE after sitting!
Putter around the yard or wander about town with no goal
Swim, lie in the sun
Read a delicous novel during lunch on the deck
Smell the air before and after a rain

Taken from here: www.divineopenings.com/pleasure-practices-awakening

A lot of these actions are things Inelia has suggested or even provided as a weekly exercise. Presumably we learn the weekly exercise and make it a habit. I think I only stopped to smell the roses once during the week that one was provided (see walkwithmenow.com/forum/weekly-discussio...the-roses.html#11682).
A couple of weekends ago my husband and I went on a hike through the Redwoods with two of his (fitness enthusiast) friends. They were making it a mission to keep a quick time (like 8 minutes per mile). My husband kept hurting his left foot, by kicking things. I realized he wasn't looking at where he was stepping. At one point a butterfly flew past us all. I sat it briefly and continued. The two friends didn't see it. My husband kicked another tree root because he kept watching it. We all laughed at him for "getting distracted".
I have realized I don't do much for pleasure's sake. Eating, for me, is more about the nutrients (not enjoyment or energy) when it should be for all three of those things. Reading is about educating myself, driving is for getting somewhere, you get the picture.

Don't get me wrong, there are things I enjoy doing. But I don't do them for enjoyment (except having a cup of coffee in the morning. I stopped for a while, and realized I missed the pleasure, so started again just for pleasure's sake).

Well I guess now I will do more things for pleasure, like eat more ice cream and walk slowly, and read something fun. Because pleasure will help my spiritual growth (another mission, but hey, now I don't need to feel guilty about "wasting" ten minutes not being productive).

Do you do anything just for the pleasure of it?

- Daniela

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