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I have a question about talking with our bodies.

Of course in my uneducated youth I learned to talk to my body and tell her what to do. Then I did the ascension101 course and the unit for Reconnecting with the Physical Body changed my perspective and I began to understand it should be a two-way conversation. My body is not a machine. I now care for her.
Everything has been great ever since that fateful year I did that course.

But I'd like to take that body connection a step further. Or many steps further. In fact I'd love an intensive course in communicating with my body.

So far what I can do is listen when my body is tired. I don't take caffeine and force it to stay up all hours, but rather I take a nap or go to bed (depending on the time). I'm also good at listening when my body tells me it doesn't want to eat a certain food that day (for example today, I started eating some of my favorite crackers with some soup I'd made and the crackers tasted disgusting for the first time ever, so I put them back in the cupboard and ate the soup alone. My body felt satisfied, warm and content after the smaller-than-usual meal. Which I later supplemented with fruit because I suddenly started seeing images of fruit (another way I think my body tells me it wants something - just seeing images of that item when I'm busy doing something).

I think that's pretty good-going really. Some people can't hear their bodies screaming for rest or vegetables or whatever, BUT it's not quite enough for me.

I want to be able to have a conversation with my body. I want to ask her all sorts of personal questions, as well as less personal ones like "do you want to exercise and gain some leg muscles that I want?"

I have a tough time distinguishing between what I want and what my body wants, where it comes to certain activities and some big life questions like where on the planet my body wants to live (I know I love California, but every time I go to Hawaii my body feels really happy, my vision becomes really sharp - that's because of the humidity - and last time I got sick when I was leaving Hawaii). I don't personally want to live in Hawaii. I love visiting but those islands are way too small for my liking. Plus the mainland USA has seemingly endless roads and endless choices of foods and shops.
What about the rest of the potential life decisions?

Can anybody have full conversations with their bodies? If so, what's the trick or the sequence of exercises?

- Daniela

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