First awareness expansion kit for 2016 from Inelia :gift: :flower:


This week I would like to invite you to concentrate on the intent of stepping into the life you came here to live.

There is a lot of false teachings saying that we are here to “learn through trial and suffering”. This is simply no longer true.

Everyone who is involved in stepping into their power, in becoming sovereign and conscious, is here as the embodiment of the new paradigm. The paradigm that does not include power over others or other low vibrational games.

This week, spend at least 20 minutes each day to simply exist, be and contemplate your core embodiment of the new high frequency paradigm.

Some of the firewalls and programs that might come up, and you can process, are a sense of worthlessness and also fear that you are not able to do this.

Use the firewalls exercise, and enjoy the expansion and expression of your core essence.