For the next two weeks, I would like you spend at least an hour a day “doing nothing”.

This exercise is one we will be reviewing every year, and it is something that although might seem impossible for some of us during this busy period of time, it’s very supportive for our overall health and happiness.

One hour is not really that much. We can spend it watching TV or playing on Facebook, or surfing the web.
It sometimes helps to set up a timer for one hour, that way we don’t look at the clock every few minutes.

For one hour each day simply sit or lean against a wall. Don’t lie down because you might fall asleep. Sometimes it’s easier to close our eyes. Now - “be”.

For a while, your mind will probably get very busy letting you know all the things you have to be doing or thinking about. Allow the thoughts to come, thank them and let them go.

Allow any desire or drive to “do” to exist, grow, express, and leave. Breathe comfortably and simply allow yourself to exist for one hour.

Due to the time of year, I would also like to share with you this article I wrote last year and which is very helpful during the holidays: