Hi there! Here is the awareness expansion kit from Inelia, for the upcoming week :flower:

This week, I would like to invite you to pick a routine, and do something different.

So, for example, if you get up at 8am everyday, set your alarm for 7am (if you have to leave the house), or 9am if you don’t. If you usually don’t use an alarm to wake you up, for the next week, use one.

Other items that can be changes are:

- If you always go left after you leave your house, go right or vise versa.
- If you always have one particular item of food for breakfast, change it to something you would normally eat for dinner.
- If you go to bed super late every evening, go to bed early, or vise versa.
- If you are very quiet around people, think of conversations you would like to have, and start them.
- If you speak all the time with the people around you, listen to what they say without saying a word.

These are just some examples of the routines we might have that are in our daily lives without us even thinking about them. By changing one of our routines this week, and you can go back to it next week, it will provide us with an opportunity to let new things in. Including a different, or larger, perspective of life :)