This week, I would like to invite you to become aware of the present moment of wakefulness. This is also an exercise that will (with enough use), encourage lucid dreaming too.

Put a pebble in your pocket. This could be any type of pebble, such as river pebble, a crystal pebble, or any type of plastic, glass or stone pebble. Make sure that you really, really like it!

During the day, and when you remember, take your pebble out of your pocket and look at it, feel it and put it back. While you do this, say or think, “I am awake right now”.

After a few days, this exercise might tend to become “automatic”, so when you take your pebble out of your pocket, state what color it is, “I am awake right now and this pebble is white with golden bits in it”.

If, like me, sometimes you wear clothes without pockets, an alternative object for the week is a ring. Put on a ring on a finger that you don’t normally do. Then feel and look at the ring often and follow the instructions above. After a couple of days, you will need to change the ring to a different finger because we tend to become used to the feel of the ring very quickly and forget it is there. Make sure that whether a ring or a pebble, you stick to the one object for the whole week.

After some days, if you take your pebble out of your pocket to look at it, or you look at your ring, and see it has changed color, shape or texture… It is likely you are in a dream state.