Moving into Resonant Timelines: Upgrading Relationships is our July 2014 MP3.

You can listen to it online, or download it here:

This topic, Upgrading Relationships, is one I would really like us to look at right now because it is something that has accelerated since June 2014 and a fabulous energy wave to take advantage of for us personally as well as our human collective.

The MP3 uses and explores the seven steps delineated in the forum and at ascension101:

1. There's the original intent, what we want to see.

2. Then there is a period of processing our fears, belief blocks and disbelief at the possibility of the change. This may include any judgments we have about the current situation too.

3. After that, we release the attachment to ways in which to get the result we want to see, as well as limitations of the result (opening ourselves to "that or better" type energy).

4. We now process "blocks" that come up in real life that seem impossible to overcome.

5. That's when we make the decision that yes, this is going to happen. And more than a decision, we are now living in an energy of "knowing".

6. We then "feel" the new reality as existing now. We sense it with our physical and emotional bodies as being "real". Not something wanted or something needed, or something we are going to achieve at some point in the future, but as an actual reality NOW.

7. And now, we take action in the physical world.

Enjoy the MP3 and let's expand it!