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After last week's dedication to upgrading relationships with others, this week I'd like us to look at our relationship with food.

Are you a vegetarian? Vegan? Omnivore?

Do you often go on diets to cleanse yourself, or loose weight?

In other words, do you have any emotions about what you, or others, eat? Is there guilt (yours or theirs) involved? Strong beliefs or judgments?

For this week, let's find any strong attachments or rejections about food, and process them. Imagine you eating the following to see if there is an emotional reaction:

1. Large cream cake with chocolate, made with refined sugars and flour.

2. Beef steak with mashed potatoes.

3. Salad bowl with dressing.

4. Celery sticks.

5. Fish.

6. Fruit and vegetable smoothie.

Now, imagine someone else eating them.

If you want to take your processing to the next level, and process all judgments and reactions out of the list, then go ahead and eat the above, and also watch someone else eating them.

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