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August 18th - 24th Weekly Exercise - Lucid Dreaming

A week is not enough time to really explore this theme, but I thought we could get a start now, and we can certainly take it way beyond this week in linear time.

Scientists still cannot explain why we need to go to sleep every night, and why we dream. But mystics have had the answer to these questions for a long time. Albeit, depending on their culture and religious background, what these reasons appear to be.

One thing is clear, most mystics will tell you that dreaming is a doorway to interdimensional travel, awareness, astral travel, telepathy and biolocation. And the key that key that opens that door is lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is when we realize we are dreaming, inside a dream, and then can “drive” or “observe” the dream as it unfolds from a fully conscious level.

Lucid dreaming is also a great exercise to wake up in real life. We all have areas of our lives where we are blind, or asleep, in. By doing this exercise, we can start to bring these areas into consciousness.

Here is the exercise for this week. Do this even if you think you don’t dream:

1. Get a new notebook where you can journal your experience. Make sure there is no previous writing in the notebook. Even if you have a journal now, start a new one simply for Lucid Dreaming. And you need a couple of pencils or pens. Put them next to you where you sleep, where you can reach without getting out of bed.

2. Set your alarm to a time you never wake up at. As soon as your alarm wakes you up, write down your impressions, feelings, and if you do remember images or what you were dreaming, write those down.

3. After a few days, you will have recurring items. Someone or something that appears regularly, an emotion that seems to be there when you wake up, a situation that keep repeating. That type of thing.

4. Once you have identified each item, set your alarm to go off randomly four times during the day. Every time you hear the alarm, think about the item that recurs in your dream, and either take out your phone, or look around for something complicated to read. If your phone looks normal, and you can read the text without any problems, say to yourself “I am awake right now.” This stage, and what you say, is very important.

What we are doing is placing a program that makes you read something or look at your cellphone when the theme appears in your dream. If you look at read or look at your cellphone inside a dream, you will not be able to make head or tail of it. Or it will be extremely difficult to make out the words or numbers. When that happens, you will know you are dreaming.



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