August 24th - 30th Weekly Exercise - Playing with Physicality

Most of us have asked ourselves, “why am I here?”

The answer to that question has been highly discussed, and many different reasons are given to us. The most popular in Western culture, are that we are here to learn through pain, learn lessons, and repay our karma.

Imagine for a moment that all the above are nothing but games, and that the only reason we are here is to play with Physicality. That the game itself is neutral. What we do in it, we choose as a species, a collective, is ruled by resonance and vibration. And imagine, that the compass to find out what physicality experience we are personally here to have, is resonance.

For this week, let’s put two notes next to our bed. One for the morning and one for the night. The morning reads something like, “today, I will become conscious of all the moments of resonance I experience, no matter how small.“

The one for the night, to read something like, “now I remember all the moments of perfect resonance I experienced today.”

Feel free to recall these in your mind, or make notes and write them down.

Let’s do this!