This is an exercise that I have encouraged individuals to do many times before. It is a great one, and one that I do have to remind myself to do on a conscious level every few months.

It is very simple. For the next week, do something completely different in your physical life. Here are some of my personal favorites, choose one and stick to it for the entire week, or go from the most comfortable to the least comfortable and do one per day:
1. Wear odd socks.
2. Wear clothing that is completely opposite to what you would normally wear.
3. Wear runners, sneakers, or sandals if you normally wear formal shoes, and formal shoes if you normally wear runners, sneakers or sandals. This can be on a situation to situation basis per day. If you go to a fancy restaurant, wear sneakers, if you go to a picnic, wear formal shoes. That type of thing.
4. Drive to work using a radically different route.
5. Wear a hat if you don’t wear hats, or take it off if you always wear hats.
6. Have your dinner at breakfast time (it helps if you cook it the previous night), and have your breakfast at dinner time.
7. If you normally wear jewelry (earrings, rings, necklaces) change their style or take them off for the week. If you don’t normally wear jewelry wear some.

The aim is to physically shift us out of our linear time construct by making us aware and taking us out of our unconscious routines.

Most of all, have a lot of fun doing this exercise!