Here is Inelia's exercise for the upcoming week! :party:

Sept 14th - 20th Weekly Exercise - Actions Toward Our Goals

This week is an exercise which is pretty well known in the area of “manifestation”. Where we have a goal, or an image, of what we want our lives to be, and every day we take an action toward it.

The suggested number of actions per day is between one and five. These numbers don’t particularly have any significance in and of themselves, except for our own sense of comfort and capacity to do on a daily basis. So I would say, choose your favorite number, and take that many actions per day toward fulfilling your vision.

Examples could be:

- Acquire an object per day that reflects your new reality (it can be small or big), and place it where you spend most time during the day or use it (depending what it is).

- Dress in the manner in which you will/would dress if your vision is real now.

- Visit a location, and stay there for a few minutes/hours, that perfectly reflects your vision.

- Do a manifesting exercise (the seven steps perhaps?) toward your goal per day.

- Add photographs and paragraphs to a vision board that illustrate your new reality.

- Do small, simple things that will achieve your goal, or you would be doing if you had already achieved it.