Following on our last week and expansion of auditory perception, this week I’d like to invite you to expand your visual perception.

This exercise is very simple and a lot of fun. If you wear glasses, feel free to wear them for this exercise, but it’s not necessary as what we want to observe is not what’s there as such, but our perception of what is there.

Each day, we want to look at one close up item, and also the horizon.

For the close up item choose anything you like. A favorite object, a flower, a hand, a foot, a pet, a lamp, a crystal, a blade of grass… whatever you like as long as you can hold at a comfortable position from your eyes.

Put on a timer for about 10 minutes, and look at the object. Observe it, examine it very closely, perceive it with your eyes. You can go over the time, but try not to do it for less than 10 minutes.

For the long distance observation, try to get to a place where you can see at least a couple of miles from where you are (about 3 kilometers). Again, observe what you see, the colors, shapes (if any), sense with your eyes what you are looking at.