Here is the exercise that Inelia has created for this week :gift:

The development of our senses often begins with a reconnection with our sense in the physical world. These senses can then be expanded to be used in remote viewing, biolocation, and astral projection.

In the past two weeks we have expanded our visual perception, and our audio perception. This week I would like to invite you to expand on your taste perception.

This one, I find, works best if started with one’s eyes closed.

Close your eyes and taste your mouth. Describe it as fully as you can. If you have a notepad or you are at your computer, start a document where you can describe the taste as fully as you can. Make drawings and use colors too if you can give them shape and color.

Open your eyes, and taste your mouth. Describe as above.

Now, once per day, choose an item to taste. It can be something you eat every day, or something you have never tasted before. Do the taste once with your eyes closed, then with you eyes open, and describe both as fully as you can.