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Hello, here is the exercise for this week :)

This week I would like to invite you to reconnect with, and expand your touch perception.

We touch, and feel touch mostly with our hands, but we also touch with our skin all over our body.

As our hands are the most familiar parts of our body we touch with, this week’s exercise will concentrate on touching something with our hands. As we did last week, we will be doing this exercise first with our eyes closed, then with our eyes open.

Reach out and touch whatever is closest to you. It could be a computer or phone, a chair, the clothes you are wearing, your hair, another person or pet.

First touch this item with your fingers, and describe to yourself exactly what you are feeling. You can start with a temperature, for example. Is it hot? Cold? same as your fingers? Then texture, rough? Smooth?

Next feel what other experience you can get from your fingers.

Now describe, and if you can write, exactly what you felt. After that, do the same exercise with your eyes open, and make a full description.

Every day this week, choose a different item to touch and explore with your hands. Try to make it really different each time. For example, a plant, a pet, warm water or liquid, cold water or liquid, ice, wood, fabric, metal… the list is endless.

Once a day, if you feel inspired, also close your eyes and feel the air on your face.



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