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Next week's exercise by Inelia :gift:

For the past four weeks we have been expanding our awareness in the physical with Touch, Hearing, Taste and Seeing.

This week, I’d like to invite you to expand your Smell perception.

I left this one until last because smell is in fact one of our most powerful senses. Not only does it give detailed information about our surroundings, food and people, but it also holds the most powerful memory activation abilities of all the senses.
Many individuals lose their sense of smell. If you find that you cannot smell at all, then use your memory banks to do this exercise. If your sense of smell is diminished, find things that have very strong smells to do it with.

Otherwise, use the examples given.

This exercise is best done with eyes closed.

For the next seven days, put your hand against your nose and smell it. Smell the palm of your hand, the fingers and the back of your hand too. Take deep, long, slow breaths in, so that the smell goes really deeply into your awareness field.

Make note of any memories, thoughts or emotions that may trigger when you smell your hand.

Next take a piece of clothing, this can be yours or someone else’s, and smell it like you did your hand, and make notes.

Make the third item you smell be the food you eat this week. Every item of food you are about to consume, put against your nose and smell it first. Very deeply and for one or two minutes. If you are at a restaurant, it might look a bit funny, and in many cultures smelling one’s food is considered bad manners… so if you feel uncomfortable doing it in public, you can stick to the meals you have in private. Or you can explain you are doing a mystical training exercise :)



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