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This exercise is the first of a series of weeks where we will be developing our psychic or mystical capacities of sense awareness using very simple exercises. It is also a support to the November MP3, in which psychic awareness and senses will be fully discussed.

This week, we will develop psychic hearing.
If you haven’t already, please do this exercise first:

You can do the above exercise for the week, then follow with this one, or you can do the above first and then do this one on the same day.

What we are going to be doing is to listen to a sound, then close our eyes, and replicate the sound in our mind. The sounds we can alternate throughout the week are things such as, someone talking, a piece of music, a river, the ocean, a bird singing, cars going by, city noise, a tv show, radio playing, the sounds of us moving or walking.

Replicate the sound in your mind as accurately as you can. Basically, we hear it in our mind’s ear. We “imagine” the sound as though it was real.

We start with just a few seconds of it, say about 5 seconds, then grow the time longer and longer as the week goes by.

Let the Fun Times Begin!