Here is the exercise for the next week :woohoo:

For this week, I would like to invite you to read two ebooks that are in our library.

These ebooks are highly controversial, and break through a lot of established belief systems while at the same time teaching us to listen to our own authority.

The writer has given us full permission to post the ebooks in our website.

Remember to read them with a high level of discernment, trust your intuition as to what is resonant and what is dissonant. Just because I am suggesting you read these books does NOT mean that the content is true or untrue. It just means I find them to be expansive.

You will be the one to decide if what he writes is worth while pursuing, tying, testing, or it needs discarding.

Our discussion thread for these books is here:

The books are:

Lifestyle Without Food - The Book
Lifestyle Without Food - The Addendum

You can download them for free at our library here: walkwithmenow.com/user-menu/library/body.html

Happy expansion :D