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Next exercise/practice from Inelia :gift:

Following our Psychic development theme, this week I would like to invite you to work on the following exercises. These will develop your inner seeing both at the conceptual level as well as the interpretation level.

We will be working with different levels of "seeing". If you have problems with your sight, do this exercise with what you actually see, or think something looks like.

The first part of the exercise is to look at a two dimensional image, a printed or digital image, for a few minutes, then close your eyes and reproduce the image in your mind in as much detail as you can. Make sure that you get the details from the center as well as every single corner of the image and the left, the right, the top and the bottom. Then open your eyes and compare your mental image with the real image.

Next, pick up an object from your environment. Look at it in detail for a few minutes, then close your eyes and reproduce the full three dimensional object in your mind. If you can, do move the object around to make sure you go the front, back top and bottom of the object too.

After that, grab a three dimensional object, but instead of looking at it for a few minutes, close your eyes, then touch it and create an image in your mind of what the object looks like in detail. Open your eyes and compare your mental image with the actual object.

Do this exercise at least once per day for the next week if you can, but do try to do it more than once per day if you have the time.

Remember to have fun!


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