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Taste is not normally something we would think can bring us information from a state of expanded awareness. But it is.

Depending on the culture we have grown up in, taste will play a different role and level of importance to our overall sensory experience of the physical world. What we taste and how we taste it is rarely discussed either socially or even to ourselves.

Yet taste can often unblock and stimulate a hugely clear past event memory. This is why taste can be a great sense to develop at a psychic level. If we receive a taste as a form of data when looking at a specific question or location, what that taste means to us personally will be a clear indication of what we are sensing.

This exercise is to be done at least once a day, but if you can do it at every meal for the next week, then I would encourage you to do so.

It is very simple. Before you ingest food or drink, first place it in front of your mouth, you can look at it or simply place it there and close your eyes, and remember or imagine what the item tastes like. Once you get a very clear sense of taste, take a bite or drink and compare the memory of the taste to the actual taste. If it is accurate, give your body a thumbs up, and if it’s not accurate, commit the taste to memory so that the next time you ingest that item you will have a better idea of what it tastes like.

For example, grab an apple, place it in front of your mouth. With eyes open or closed, imagine what the apple tastes like. Then take a bite and compare your memory to the actual taste of the apple.