ext exercise from Inelia Benz. You're going to love this one! :flower: :angel:

Many of us will be having to deal with sharing time, space and energy with friends, family and work colleagues that are low vibration and sleeping heavily.

To work on this, and the huge collective energies of loneliness and despair that are triggered at this time of year, I invite you to work on our resonance/dissonance detection and what we do about situations that are dissonant.

Due to the intensity of this topic, and the season, this weekly exercise is encouraged to be done for the next two weeks.

The first part of the exercise is to set up an hourly alarm that will go off every hour the first day, every two hours the second day, every three the third day, and so on, until you find yourself naturally stopping during your day to ask yourself the following question: "am I in resonance or dissonance right now?"

Don't think or analyze it too much. Your body will tell you by either feeling a "positive" or a "negative" emotional, energetic, or mental response. Sometimes you will get both resonance and dissonance, in different percentages.

The first few days you will be simply getting acquainted with the "reading". After that you will find that we will naturally listen to our resonance/dissonance state and become conscious of it without the need of an alarm.

The next step is sometimes harder at a social or personal level as the aim is to move into resonance and out of dissonance. It is important not to judge ourselves or the situation or people involved in dissonance.

We simply observe what is happening, and then without making ourselves or others right or wrong, simply moving physically out of the dissonant space or interaction. There are many ways in which we can do this without creating further dissonance, so let's be creative during that step.

And remember during this season to have the intent to be at least 80% of your time in resonant joylightlove, and spending only 20% on processing and dealing with dissonance!