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Two weeks have just zipped by! So here is the new weekly exercise from Inelia. :gift:

As we move into empowerment, and sometimes the reason we moved into empowerment, is because we became conscious of the Self.

This often will result in an overly stimulated sense of importance of Self, or self (with the little “s”).

This exercise is very simple, but can be quite hard to carry out for any length of time. And we can fall into little traps very quickly too!

So here it is: For the next week, write, think and communicate without the use of the words “I, me, myself, we, us”. Every time you catch yourself using one of these words, look at the context, sentence and usage and see how you can change it not be “centered on self”.

And here is one of the traps, we will often start thinking of ways to communicate the same information, desire or whatever by simply replacing the words with other words such as “one” or your name, or “this person”, things like that.

This misses the point of the exercise. Basically, the exercise is to remove the “self centeredness” of our reality temporarily from our experience. Why is this useful? Because focus of self is the smallest awareness field we can have. Once we move past it, the whole world, and all experience, opens up for us.

When you catch yourself using the words, and being self focused, don’t judge yourself. Simply “edit” the communication, the thought, the expression, to be universally focused.

Make a note to see what happens when you remove the “I, me, myself, us, we”, from the thing you wanted to say. Does it lose or gain importance? Does it becomes more or less relevant?

I look forward to hearing your experiences on the forum!


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