Next exercise from Inelia - I hope everybody had a good time with the previous one :angel: :silent:

Since September 2014, we have been developing our physical senses as well as our in mind senses in order to develop our psychic awareness and interpretation of data as it comes in. This has included all five known senses and you can see a record of each exercise here: (also here: Top Menu > User Home > Weekly Discussions)

Some of these senses will take longer for us to get familiar with, and develop, than others.

This week we will use an object, use the full array of senses with it, and look at and learn to interpret the information we receive from it.

Even though there are books out there that give us the meaning of things, signs, and even dreams, but these are just languages. If we don’t learn the language, we can’t interpret what things mean. For example, a smell can mean a thousand things, and what it means to us can be completely different to what it means to the person next to us.

In order for us to fully understand and correctly interpret the information we are receiving, we need to establish our own language, whether from a book or from our own knowing.

This week we will be doing an exercise that once it’s established, we can then do once a week for as long as we need. This exercise will both bring up information for us to become conscious of, as well as starting our own database of sensory meanings so that when we extrasensory data, we can clearly see it and know what it means.

Do this exercise while alternating eyes open and eyes closed. Take an object per day, any object, and touch it, smell it, taste it, look at it, hear it (if it makes sound, or what you can hear while where you are at the time). Then, put the object down, close your eyes and imagine or remember the entire experience within your mind.

While you do the physical exercise and the mind exercise, take note of any emotions, thought, or feeling that come up while you are connecting with the object. These will give you important clues to how that object relates to you in your interpretation of the world. When that object, smell, emotion, or sense comes up for you with relation to a situation or input of data, you will know exactly what it means.