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Wow! It’s February already :D

Time for some Spring Cleaning!

For this week I would like to invite you to clear up your human linked energy lines and energy bodies. We can use some very simple methods to do this, but first we identify what’s low vibrational and dissonant in those areas.

Our energy lines can be financial, emotional, social, familial, geographical, intellectual, work related, and all other areas where we are connected to people.

These energy lines are not time specific, so we may be carrying some from the past, and have some from the present and even some from future plans or fears.

Some examples:

  1. We lent someone money and they never paid it back.
  2. Someone is emotionally blackmail us, or is psychologically abusing us.
  3. We have unfinished, pending debts and or favors.
  4. We have legal matters pending.
  5. We have had formal closure to previous relationships that need closing.
  6. There are still situations in our memories, or in present time, that push us into a victim or aggressor role.
  7. Our focus is in some future event or situation which brings us stress and fear.

There are two methods we can use to deal with these items. Both require us to make a physical representation of each item. So, let’s get some paper out and either list each one on a piece of paper, or make a drawing representing it. We can use photos too.

The method I would like us to use is the ho-o-pono-pono method, where we contemplate each item and chant: “I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” Over and over, until we feel resolution has been achieved.

If no results are achieved using that method, then use the method described on this video, this one works on the toughest issues and people:

We can also combine the two, and as you take each item out of the box (as shown in the video) do five to ten minutes of ho’oponopono then proceed with processing the item.